I have been lurking for some time now and have decided to post. May I say I see many good people on here. The band like The Fixx would expect to attract those types. My name is Stan from the middle coast of New Jersey in a small town named Keyport. The only other town in the US is located in Washington State. Not that you care just a bit of info. Back in 1983 I attended the last Supertramp concert with Roger Hodgson. Turned out The Fixx opened this show. When they did Some People that song and performance sold me on this band. I was hearing Reach The Beach alot on the radio that year and also seen the videos on MTV. Seen the videos for Stand and Fall along with Red Skies. That year was One Thing Leads To Another was the big hit. The the next year 1984 for the Phantoms tour I saw The Fixx at a Christmas concert with General Public. I took three friends and they loved the show. We danced to General Public and then The Fixx came out and my friends said they where much better than the first act. Next Fixx show was when they opened for The Moody Blues in 1986. I remember they did Walkabout and Opinions which was my highlights of the night. I went to this show for The Fixx even though I also liked the headliner too. Then in 1987 I believe I saw them at The Ritz in NYC. I surprised a friend as a birthday gift and loved it. Then the next time was many years apart in 2003 maybe for Want That Life tour. I took a friend to NYC to a small club that I forgot the name of. Seems my long term is better then the short these days. They were great at this club is all I can say I loved hearing those new songs from that new cd. Now I just saw them last June in New Jersey. Another club and I and the crowd were into it that night sounded great with hearing the new songs for the first time. When Cy did What God? I felt the same like when I saw them do Some People many years ago. This is my band for sure I love all their songs. Each day in the car I have been playing six different Fixx CDs and I am in Heaven. I travel one hour to and from work each day. I do change the selection from time to time. I did see Yes and Procol Harum togther this year too. So I have been listening to their music as well. Otherwise I am just a huge fan of The Fixx and think they are just the greatest band to come out of the 80s. Thanks for your time Stan LoseFace