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Thread: The Corrugation - The Darkest Place (new single)

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    The Corrugation - The Darkest Place (new single)

    So, I'm finally releasing The Corrugation's debut album 'Between Hope and Fear' on October 2nd. The first single "The Darkest Place" is now available as a free download (multiple formats) here:

    The single has been getting steady airplay on Phoenix radio over the past week (at least twice a day, crazy), so it's been an exciting time for me as I finally finish this long overdue project. The artwork below is for the cardboard jacket for the physical CD (only ordered 100, already running out).

    As always, your feedback is appreciated. The b-side is an instrumental titled "Veiled Truth".


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    So extremely happy and excited for you, Jim!!!

    It is a fine piece of work and it has been an absolute thrill to hear it, not only from the beginning in Studio B... but on KWSS 106.7, here in having a copy in my hot little hands.

    The single sounds amazing!!!!!

    I love the is a perfect fit, to what the song is trying to convey.

    I can not wait until Between Hope and Fear is finished ... because from what I have heard so far... and the sucess of the single,the BEST is yet to come for you... of that I am sure.

    I encourage all fellow Fixxtures to take a listen.
    You pass like the moon in silence
    In the warm flooded air
    Looking back to those lost opportunities
    So often missed or ignored
    A thousand times I start heading for the dawn
    Only to turn around and face this rue once more
    There 's something ahead of you
    Cy Curnin

    Don't die, with your music still inside of you.

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    "The Darkest Place" is very polished, nicely done. I got a whiff of Cocteau Twins and The Cure there. Vocals are really impressive. 1002 reminds me somewhat of Thomas Dolby, what with his technical skills, ability to play all instruments and singing. Another one-man show. That's a compliment. This track is LOTS better than much of the current stuff that's out now. He hit this one out of the park. Looking forward to the rest of the album....

    I don't "go through channels." I dig my own....

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    Thank you Jeanne and John for your feedback, it means a lot to me. John, that is a HUGE compliment, as Thomas Dolby is the guy who interested me in synths and electronic music at an early age. I love Cocteau Twins and The Cure, so I'm sure their influence is on a lot of my songs, along with other bands from that era. I'm excited to release the full album next month, it's been in the works for a long time.


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    Thumbs up

    Well done! Very polished sound.

    I had a bit of trouble downloading the "digital album" (Free Download, as it kept giving me an error message, "Hmm, that shouldn't have happened. Please go back and try reloading the page, waiting for it to load fully. Sorry for the inconvenience!" (Turns out that because I was opening the link in a new tab, the browser apparently didn't like that...)

    Two thumbs up!
    "Out there, there must be aliens
    Who donít believe in aliens
    Somewhere. Believe"
    -Cy Curnin, "We Might Find It" (The Returning Sun)

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