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Thread: I can describe the RUSH set list in one word....

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    Cool A second thought

    Quote Originally Posted by firstnovaprime View Post
    Actually Diamond, I've heard somebody else say they wanted to do
    that, it's great idea, especially if you did it at the concert and then went up to the band if you had the chance to get an autograph. That would be hilarious! Devious minds think alike.

    "your amour is love"
    Of course you could start a riot with that band's hardcore fans! They might want to lench you! For insulting their favorite band. Unless they joined you
    in the price revolt.

    "your amour is love"

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    Hardcore or not. I refuse to pay over $150 for any concert & over $30 for a shirt. I like Rush, Eagles & Stones but I love my 2012 Dodge Challenger much more. If I want to keep the car, I have to make my monthly payment. It's entertainment or my car. I choose the Challenger every time.
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