My name is Franck. Before beginning, let me apologize if I make mistakes but I'm French and, as you know, the French are not known to speak foreign languages ​​correctly! I will try to do my best (and Google traduction will help me!).
I have recently joined your community, but I'm a great fan of The Fixx since 1984 and the discovered of the wonderful "Phantoms" album (and my passion is intact after all this time ...).

As The Fixx has never been successful in France and unfortunately remains completly unknown here, and as we cannot find any information in french about the band on the Web (except the Wikipedia french page that I've already created), I recently built a french Website devoted to The Fixx.
You can visit it at this adress : http://thefixx.wix.com/the-fixx

If you know french people which can be interested in the activity of the band, just let them know the existence of this Website.
I hope you'll enjoy it. You will also discover some of the fantastic pics taken and sent by Heimo after the recent German "Beautiful Friction" tour (thank you again Heimo!)

Have a nice day and long live to The Fixx!