dear all,

my name is thomas and i live in frankfurt germany. i first saw the fixx back in 1983 when i visited my uncle in hamburg, and decided to attend an a flock of seagull festival gig. the fixx, who were totally unknown to me back then, opened and get me fixxed straight away, thanks to songs like red skies at night and stand or fall!

i then saw them again, it must have been 1983 or 1984 at their own headlining show in frankfurt at the club batschkapp. and then - i had a dry spell and needed to wait solid 18 years till last month, when they played at the bett in frankfurt. it was about time ;-)

they still have not lost their magic to me, and i love the new album which have a few songs which are along the best tunes they ever recorded, such as the brillant f**** BRILLANT "take a risk"!

that's about it. but one more little story before i have to go: i have some relatives in the states who could be considered fixxtures too, and back in the eighties (we talking about no internet, right) they heard that the fixx were playing at a small venue near their town in upstate new york. they got pretty excited and showed up at the club, wondering why they were only a few dozens of people there instead of hundreds. so they asked the guy at the ticket booth: "the fixx are playing here tonight, is that right?" and he nodded. so they got their ticket and got into the place.

then some random band enters the stage, and my cousin and her husband got really confused. what the heck is going on in here...turns out, that the band in this club were not the fixx, but "the figgs" who, i guessed this is save to say, did not want to milk the name of our beloved british band, but just got involved in this missunderstanding!

so, see you soon at a the fixx show soon - thomas!