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Thread: Top 5 Albums Of 2012

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    Top 5 Albums Of 2012

    Here's my list. In reverse order:

    05 Alvin Lee---"Still On The Road To Freedom"
    04 Madness---"Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da"
    03 John Cale---"Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood"
    02 The Dig---"Midnight Flowers"
    01 Sam Sparro---"Return To Paradise"

    Biggest disappointment: Ry Cooder---"Election Special" (Lame. Really lame.)

    OK. You got some?

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    5) Mrs. Columbo - "(re)make up" -- A female fronted jazz band from Budapest that have a very cool sound. Check out some examples of the music here...

    4) The Hives - "Lex Hives" -- The BEST all around effort that the band has released as yet.

    3) Matchbox Twenty - "North" -- Great collection of pop/rock and "She's So Mean" is my favorite single of '12.

    2) Donald Fagen - "Sunken Condos" -- This is the best he's released solo since "Kamakiriad".

    1) The Shins - "Port of Morrow" -- I am STILL listening to this on a consistant basis and it was released in March. GREAT CD!!

    Honorable Mention- Dwight Yoakam - "3 Pears" & Fiona Apple - "The Idler Wheel..."

    Disappointments- Green Day - "Uno!", "Dos!" & "Tre!" (There is one GOOD CD of material on these 3 CDs)... & (I truly hate to say it) The Fixx - "Beautiful Friction" (After the amount of time waiting for this to be done and released I was very let down by the product...and I have given it many listens and just can't hear what the big deal is...Still I love the band but I am disappointed).
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    5-Madness---"Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da
    4-The Hives - "Lex Hives"
    3-The Dig---"Midnight Flowers
    2-John Cale---"Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood"
    1-The Shins - "Port of Morrow"

    I rate them as above !
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