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    Don't know where to begin.
    The Fixx is one of my favorite acts from the eighties and I still listen to them often. Not many big acts come up here to Duluth, Minnesota. Would like to see The Fixx play here. I saw the video of the title track to Beautiful Friction on you tube. The sound quality for the video from The Bink Lounge in Portland was the best. Even the raw sounding videos at you tube though demonstrated how great The Fixx sounds. Maybe even more in that sense.

    Glad to see so many fans!

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    A sort of place you don't often find. A quiet room to go out of your mind.

    welcome to the message board

    Hi Matt, welcome! It's good to have you among longtime & new fans. I hope you get to see The Fixx live sometime~ they're fantastic!

    I don't know what I just said or why.

    From my heart & from my hand
    why don't people understand my intention
    -Weird Science

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