Up front, this is not an "official" announcement but I'm putting this post in The Flow to help generate awareness for Cy Curnin's fundraising page for Vail Rocks II at Love Hope Strength:


There was a tweet sent recently about this that I caught at another page, where I think Cy is admitting that he is getting whipped by LHS peers for fundraising. Admittedly I don't tweet, and for those who don't or don't visit The Fixx Facebook page may be unaware of this ongoing effort. I admit ignorance so I'm ensuring Love Hope Strength details are getting to you here at least. Folks may not realize that each time Cy goes into an LHS event you can donate money in his name for the cause.

This is something to consider: Cy is not just representing himself, but as advertised - he is representing the band. It's always a good thing to bolster up Cy for these events, as it is then a reflection of the band's faithful following and underlying fanbase and marketing strength (i.e. we want Cy proud of his participation in terms of the fan/monetary support, always!).

Vail Rocks II goes June 14-15, 2013 and donations as small as $5 can be made at the link (average donation appears to be $25).