Hello Everyone, I am just getting into Cy's solo work and I have some questions I hope someone out there can answer.

I now own Cy's 4 solo CDs Mayfly, The Returning Sun, Solar Minimum and The Horses Mouth.

Did any of these first 3 CDs have any single song releases? Also will his new CD have any singles to release?

Does Cy tour solo or with a back up band?

What songs from his solo work can I plan on hearing done live?

Does Cy also perform The Fixx songs as well?

I missed seeing a Cy solo show in New Hope PA earlier this year which I do regret missing. This is a very nice town to see him in.
Would be awesome if he schedules a show at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park NJ which would be much closer to travel to just hoping.

Thanks in advance for your replies to my questions.