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    New FIXX

    Just checked out Cy's message......working on a new album !!!! YESSSS.

    hope to see the band in Chicagoland/Milwaukee this spring-summer & hear the new tunes.

    MERRY X- MAS to, The Fixx, the friends & fans here~~~~~~~~~~~

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    Fantastic that a new album is in works! Everyone should check out the holiday greetings video at It is really cool.

    Happy New Year everyone!


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    Fantastic news! The last album and tour were so outstanding.

    I am thrilled to hear the news of a new album and more live shows!

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    New Fixx for the New Year

    Happy New Year Everyone

    This is great news for 2014 New CD plus Tour.

    I was hoping that Cy did a solo tour for The Horse's Mouth. I sure hope that is still planned.
    Still Loving his new solo release great CD.

    I wonder if The Fixx would ask the dedicated fans to pick the first single.
    Remember that most of us here picked Shaman that almost did not make the cut on the album.
    Now they play this song in their encores. Who Knew just saying.

    May everyone have a healthy year ahead in 2014 and beyond.


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    Kinda curious. I wonder if they will be spending less time in the recording studio this time around and more time mixing songs that didn't make it into Beautiful Friction.
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    It would be nice to see many "extras" packaged with this CD, to officially release songs that have been bypassed in recent years from release, including:
    - Everyone Believes in Something.
    - Remember Me When I'm Gone (Yes I know, Cy released it as his own song, but it started as a song by The Fixx and was sung in concert and sold in FixxStixx as a live version, just want their own studio version released, even if all we get is an "Unplugged" version at minimum).
    - Any other raw song from the post "Want This Life" to current period.

    Here's something that is really bothering me - in an era of data compression and format change, why is the band being limited to the number of songs they place on any album?

    Many years ago, a talented band named Moby Grape released multiple LPs (vinyl albums) simultaneously to shake things up in the 60s, but their strategy failed and sales were poor considering the volume of records cut, as part of the problem was the up-front cost to cut and distribute all the albums - a physical asset and shipment problem (besides the fact that they weren't superstars).

    However, a band could release the equivalent of a lifetime of albums all at once now - in one Digipack, and perhaps even on one disc or in one "download" or segmented groups or packages (i.e. a 50 song release could be packaged for "Pick your 10 songs for a price"). I am often baffled that the music industry and even the artists still record, package, and sell their art with the mindset that they're cutting vinyl records limited to ~10 songs.

    I realize there is a cost to studio time unless you're using a private/free studio, and there is potential cost to pay for mixing each song (a per/song cost), but given the rapid rate at which commercial discs are cut I don't see how there would be additional cost per data/song added to the final disc (the disc does not have extra material for a longer CD).

    And there are so many strategies that could be employed given all the "free" ways that a studio recording could be made final.
    - Produce the release internally.
    - Use free/private studio (I think they already have this option).
    - Ask for volunteer mixer(s) that are both new and veterans to the industry.
    - Market the development of the album as an opportunity to have 3rd-party record the studio/mixing sessions to preserve the event (from short-length YouTube to full-length documentary potential to counter/offset any studio/development costs, plus get free long-term advertising if the video(s) takes on a life of their own.
    - Send a copy of the release to every member of U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate, White House, and British Parliament. Hey, if you're making a political statement, that's what individuals are always advised to do with their written work...this may sound like a marketing scheme but it could say and do more for exposure to some theme or message in their songs.
    - Provide a free digital download copy to everyone who registers at the band's website (or shows up at a concert and gets a "code" of some sort to redeem online, etc.), gives a fan-appreciation feel and if done right could be a one-time use code that could be gifted to friends/relatives, yet another way to create wider appeal and reach.
    - Record at least one song with Cy singing in French, maybe more. The "French Connection" has yet to be used, could pave the way for enhancing the life and appeal of the band. The Police did it and I don't think any of them live in France, yet Cy does. Maybe Cy could make a song about Claudine Longet in French (you have to be adept at rock music history and Google to connect my dry humor on that one...).
    - Let someone sing or talk in a song that hasn't lead a song before...Rupert? Can he rap? Through a processor/gizmo, perhaps...hey even if it was just some of that processed vocal grumbling it could be an instrumental keyboard heavy song to highlight Rupert's talents.
    - I think Dan owes us a bass solo.
    - One jazz song, with vocals, snapping fingers, etc. Give Cy a glass of wine, it can happen. Have guest artist(s) show up, yet another connection and way to provide some reach.
    - Something, anything, back in Howard Jones' studio. Something magic happens there every time the boys hang out there. Get Howard to co-write and co-produce just one song. Let him play piano, sing, whatever.
    - Can Tina Turner show up, even if just for a photo of her legs? If she does cut a song, title it "Hatshepsut" (that requires a Search Engine scavenger hunt to understand why...) I hear Tina likes rare Balsamic vinegar, just keep a bottle open for salad time in the studio.
    - Get George Underwood to cash in a card and get David Bowie to show up for a session/song. George is the guy who punched Bowie in the face as a boy, and gave Bowie the strange eye that Bowie has lived with to this day. They've been friends since that fight, is what I hear. Get Bowie to have Mick Jagger to show up for backing vocals on the Claudine Longet song...
    - Have Jeanette Obstoj write at least one song. No, actually, I just want to see a photo or video of her, as I don't believe she exists. I think that Jeanette Obstoj is really the female persona of Rupert Hine when he wants to wear a dress and lipstick.
    - Put George Underwood on the cover of the album (or back side); maybe a photo of him in his studio with him painting the album front cover (maybe this photo is the backside cover and it shows him painting the actual album front cover) (maybe I've had too much caffeine and use too many "quotes" (and parentheses)).

    Okay I am out of ideas for now, caffeine wearing off...

    I've been lurking...

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    Hi BM,

    Hey, you have some really great ideas! Some of them are just dreams but some others may become true!
    When I met Cy last year, he let me heard a jazz song he was working on (a very nice one!). And I know that he has the project to create a jazz band in the future, but who knows if this project will really be realised one day?
    And I also know, by Nick (who produced Beautiful Friction) that the band has recorded, just for fun, some interesting versions of "Everyone believes", "Lighthouse", and many other ones (I'm sorry bu I don't remember what were those other ones). If we cross our fingers, maybe these songs will be available one day on a record just for the fans!


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    no substantial input from me...BM, great ideas and plenty of laughs. I have been waiting to see *proof* of this Jeanette Obstoj, too haha. Did not know that re. Underwood/Bowie. Caught the Tina reference/reincarnation...gotta google to get the French connection for the other.
    Thanks for the thoughtful reply. You, too, Franck.

    I don't know what I just said or why.

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