Hi all,
I am a 50 year-old Fixx fan. I got into them back when I was 21 years-old (1984), the year Phantoms was released (my fave Fixx album). I use to play drums and was into really hard rock for most of my youth, but when New Wave rolled in, back in the early 1980's, I found myself liking some of the newer bands like The Police and The Fixx, and actually preferred The Fixx over all of the New Wave bands, I guess because they were more rock oriented.

Anyway, I followed them up until the late 1980's, and was lucky enough to see them live at Shriver Hall, on Johns Hopkins University campus, back in 1987, on the Calm Animals tour. It was a very small venue, and a great show. They had the whole place up and dancing by the end of the night. Over the years, I forgot about The Fixx, and wondered off into all kinds of other music, and then recently I discovered their last CD, Beautiful Friction, and wow, I was blown away at how great they still sound. And what's really cool is that they are still maintaining the same exact style of music, while remaining fresh. Some bands mutate into only a former shadow of themselves, but not The Fixx. I am also a huge Rush fan, but sadly hated their last couple efforts…they are no longer the band I use to admire anymore. Anyway, I am happy The Fixx is still delivering great new music, and I have heard a new CD is in the works. I can't wait!!!!