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Thread: Marion, IL 7/26/14

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    Marion, IL 7/26/14

    The Marion show was a fundraiser for the local food shelf. The civic center theater was a nice venue and the crowd was enthusiastic. Good singalongs for the hits.

    Cy had a couple of funny comments. Jamie took off his jacket between songs and Cy commented, 'I've seen more fat on a french fry.' Another time, there was a short delay between songs and Cy noticed that Adam was having trouble with his ear buds. Cy commented, 'Oh, Thing is having equipment problems...' ( a reference to Thing on The Addams Family, since Adam's hair is long and covers his face while playing.)

    The sound was great, and Jamie's mic was louder than normal, which was really cool. His backing vocals on Girl With No Ceiling made the song shine. Running sounded great, and it was fun to have Cy mention the requests, and the requester. Rupert has cool new sounds, and if you go to a show, listen to Dan's backing vocals on Deeper And Deeper ('the further I...Fall!')

    1 Red Skies
    2. How Much Is Enough?
    3. Driven Out
    4. Just Before Dawn
    5. Are We Ourselves?
    6. Beautiful Friction
    7. What God?
    8. Reach The Beach
    9. One Thing Leads To Another
    10 Girl With No Ceiling
    11 The Fool
    12 Stand Or Fall
    13 Sunshine In The Shade
    14 Built For The Future
    15 Saved By Zero
    16 Deeper And Deeper
    17 Running
    18 Secret Separation

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    Red face My first "FIXX"

    The Marion show was AWESOME!!! I don't know how else to say it! My very first FIXX concert, even though I have been a fan since the early 80's when I was in my early 20's ; )
    I am really looking forward to St. Louis this month!

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    riverside summer concert/Rochester, Mn

    Hello Tammy
    I saw the mates perform live in summer of 2012 for free in Rochester minnesota summer of 2012
    What a awesome concert
    Was a brilliant performance and a beautiful friction was well received cheers

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    Thanks for posting the song list. Love getting some kind of idea what they might do at their shows. Oh and love hearing some of the funny stuff too!

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