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Thread: Show in Ferndale (Detroit) - treasuring it

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    Show in Ferndale (Detroit) - treasuring it

    Just had to write and say how much I treasured my night at the concert (sorry was too engrossed to make a set list). I've been a Fixxie since '83; these guys were a huge influence on my musical taste and along with scarce few other artists were able to assuage teen (and adult) angst with their unique emotional intellect. Musically I'm blown away with how much originality they maintain with releases new and old.

    The setting at the Magic Bag was wonderfully intimate and the set list crafted with characteristically deep consideration (from band and fans alike). The rare gems just kept spilling out like Fatal Shore, Running, Subterranean, Camphor, The Fool, Deeper & Deeper and several compelling new tracks. This is what live (living?) music should be about!! I am so deeply grateful for their tour and the chance to finally see them.

    Kevin H

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    Wow, so came from Indianapolis. You picked a great show to be at. I too was there. Met Jamie and Dan after the show. Was cool.

    All the setlists can be found here....

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    Magic bag

    Second Fixx show that I have been to. They are great live. Been listening from the mid 80's.

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