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Thread: New Fixxture to the Masses.

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    New Fixxture to the Masses.

    Hello Should of done this a long time ago but finally did. Been a fan since the 80's. Finally seeing them live in Akron, Ohio on the 19th of this month. Very glad to find out they were touring while watching a lyric video.

    A little about myself:
    Mother of 2 wonderful beautiful kids.
    I make my home in Ohio but my heart will always be in Texas.
    I'm legally deaf but that does not stop me from rocking out. Especially older stuff since my "hearing" memory is better for that. Hence my avatar. Lyric videos help a lot too.

    Not sure what else to say but will end it with nice to meet every one.

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    Hi Metaphor.....welcome to the group.

    I joined this year, too, even though I've been a long time fan, as you. I've gone crazy with it this year.....I've seen them at 4 shows so far and loved every one of them. Music is one of my biggest passions. Anyways, welcome aboard and may WE both/all get to more of these shows

    Cheers! Mark (drumusic)

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    Hey guys, new on here but not to The Fixx, as I'm only 18 I'm not one of the people who can say 'I've been a fan since the beginning' haha but I have loved their music pretty much my whole life, thanks to my dad. The Phantoms album was always my favorite since I was about 4/5 to be honest I don't really remember when it became my favorite it just always has been. 'less cities,more moving people' was the one i always loved, although now 'Reach the beach' would probably be my no.1 x

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