Hey Fixx fans

I hold in my hand a live master tape from a concert that my friend attended and recorded from near the stage. My project is to transfer the tape and digitize it. I end up putting my personal recordings online to share for other fans to enjoy. I found this message board and thought I'd let everyone know about this tape. It sounds pretty darn good.

The recording is from Amagansett, Long Island, NY July 1997.

so far this is what it contains

01 Lonely as a Lighthouse
02 Ocean Blue
03 Life's What's Killing Me
04 Two Different Views
05 We Once Held Hands
06 Happy Landings
07 One Thing Leads To Another
08 Woman On A Train
09 Fatal Shore
10 Going Without
11 Drivin Out
12 Calm Animals
13 ???
14 Deeper & Deeper
15 Red Skies
16 Stand or Fall
17 Saved By Zero

Anyone who is interested, reply to this message and I'll send you a private link to download as a Zip.

I'll check this board again soon, cheers