The song "I've Been Here Before" continues in my regular listening rotation, and it's such a listening habit that - I had a thought that perhaps it could be revived in some capacity by the band, even if for a pre-concert sound check. But, in a perfect world...this song would become the first to open a concert with the very long pre-vocal period providing a nice way for the band to play and get settled in as they kick off a concert. Just a thought, your "Opinions?" I think the 2nd half of the song could be reworked a little bit also, updated perhaps. I think back to what they did with the Woodlands stuff, maybe this one could be touched up similarly.

As reminder, the song "I've Been Here Before" was not released on a full album, and there are at least two versions out there. On YouTube you will see a 3:44 version (B-Side to Lost Planes), and I have stored a 4:44 version (someone here probably knows the detailed history of both versions and can elaborate). On the 4:44 version, a full minute passes before the first vocal overtures begin, just "whoa" melodies from Cy, and the first verse doesn't start until 1:20 into the song, plenty of time for intro/transition if a song like this is needed in some way while on tour. The 3:44 version has no vocalizations until first verse begins at same time (no "whoa" overtures from Cy preceding).