I saw Tears for Fears in concert yesterday and it didn't occur to me until a few hours before that I should have printed up some fliers for the upcoming Fixx show in Baltimore and hand them out after the show. I'm sure they have plenty of fans in common.

I talked to a bunch of people at the concert and mentioned the show to them - all were excited and some were surprised to hear about it. Most of them said they planned to go.

There are plenty of upcoming Tears for Fears dates preceding nearby Fixx shows.

So if anyone is planning on going to those shows, how about bringing along some fliers?

Some dates include:

10/29 Atlantic City, NJ
11/5 Lakewood, Ohio
11/6 Columbus, Ohio
11/20 Reno, NV
11/24 Las Vegas, NV
11/26 Tucson, Ariz.

Plus several dates in California.