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Thread: The Fixx In Concert--King Biscuit Flower Hour

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    The Fixx In Concert--King Biscuit Flower Hour

    I can't believe I never picked this CD up earlier, but it's a killer, live sound....beautiful quality! It's a concert that took place at "My Father's Place" in Long Island, NY on November 30, 1982. Not sure of who has this, but I would highly recommend it to any Fixxture or Fixx's great!

    Here's the line up of tunes played:

    Cameras in Paris
    One Thing Leads to Another
    I Found You
    Stand or Fall
    Going Overboard
    Some People
    Reach the Beach
    The Fool
    Kingdom Christsake
    Lost Planes
    Red Skies
    Sinking Island

    and bonus track: Stand or Fall (Sound Check)

    I've never heard Kingdom Christsake.....great song and I've only heard Going Overboard on one other that song too. What I really enjoy is how they sounded back then.....each of these takes was a little different from what we've all heard on the following CD's/albums. I love this CD.....check it out!

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    I agree completely! It is a great show with really good quality. It is also fun to hear OTLTA live before Reach the Beach was released. The CD is worth buying just for Kingdom Christsake - cool song that I wish they would release a studio version for (as well as Lighthouse!)

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