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Thread: "Are the Fixx fixxing for a comeback?"

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    "Are the Fixx fixxing for a comeback?"

    "Are The Fixx fixxing for a comeback?" To my surprise, I heard this on the radio this morning. The dj then talked a little about them appearing on the "When Pigs Fly" cd covering "These Boots Were Made for Walking." They seemed to have more information than usual about the band and quotes from Cy (he said it was the only song they had ever covered). Then they said the band is *really* working on a comeback and have a new cd scheduled to be released later this summer.

    It was encouraging to hear this. The radio stations have been pretty clueless about the band's releases, etc. the past few years.

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    Funny word, "comeback"

    Not sure what "comeback" really means. As far as I'm concerned, the comeback happened when they decided to get back together and tour in promotion of "Elemental".

    If it means breaking into the top 40 or something like that, then whatever, but I think the band is fine as it is, even if they are no longer in the mainstream.

    They haven't lost a step, and they haven't gone stale like say, U2 for example (still a good band, but no longer a cutting edge option).

    The Fixx truly IS a cutting edge band, in that they have stuck to their guns for the most part.

    Just my opinion.
    Over and out,

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    Comeback??? They never left IMHO

    Personally, in my life, The Fixx never left. Sure, they took an extended break through the early and middle 90s, but I simply enjoyed there many albums during that time.

    And, then as you said, Sphinx, they came back with Elemental (Great album IMO). I'm totally stoked about their new album, "Want that Life."
    Also, IMO, U2 hasn't "gone stale" or lost "The Edge"
    I respect your opinion Sphinx, but I believe U2 has completely remained on the cutting edge. Everything after Rattle and Hum was different and, yet, remained true to the integrity of the U2 sound. Afterall, the essence of that 4-man band is evident in everything they do. You can't take their spirit away from their music. Indeed, every band has their own signature spirit, just as our FIXX does. Anyways, I love what U2 has done. POP, beyond a couple of bland tunes was an excellent album and their last effort was a testament to how profound this band is. The music is great and their ability to make waves is deserving of respect. I agree that The FIXX doesn't need to be mainstream, but if they do go that direction, they'll still be the same band for me, "with or without" the popularity.
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    For the record, I thought it was encouraging to hear that a dj who seemed oblivious to what The Fixx has been doing since the 80's had some news and was compelled to share it with others who might not know. Obviously, this wouldn't be considered a "comeback" by any Fixxture since most of us have never been out-of-the-know.

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    I would second what Yesunion expressed. The Fixx took a bit of a long break but Elemental was an amazing return after Ink. U2 is an incredible band and they seem to care very little about being popular, it just so happens that they appeal to many. On the other hand, the Fixx are a special band in my life because when they produce an album it is excellent, I have never heard a bad song from them! We also have to remember that they take a long time between albums which may mean that they are perfectionists.

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    Obviously everyone here knows this is not a comeback. The "comeback" part would only apply if they actually got some radio play of there new music and more new fans were born. For me, it doesn't matter if the radio played it or not but I sure would be excited to see the guys break the top 40 once again. Maybe even get a chance to make a video for MTV. Maybe even perform live on TRL with Carson Daly. Ok, maybe the last one was a stretch but I can dream right?

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