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Thread: What brand and model of guitar is Jamie West-Oram playing in Red Skies At Night video

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    What brand of guitar is Jamie West-Oram playing in Red Skies At Night video

    Dear Forum,
    I am trying to figure out what type of Stratocaster Jamie West-Oram is playing in the second 'Red Skies At Night' video.

    Is it a Fender or some other brand?

    It is an all black guitar.

    Specs that I can see:

    24 fret Rosewood neck
    Black Painted headstock
    Black pickguard
    Black EMG pickups
    Little black pot knobs
    blacked out tuners
    Original Floyd Rose Tremolo

    I figure some expert here would know.

    Thanks for the help!

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    I'm sure someone will know for sure, but I assume that's "blackie", which had EMG-SA pickups. May have been a Suhr?

    Mr. Suhr actually posted in the forum quite some time back, you might do a search.

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