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Thread: tour dates

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    tour dates

    there are three dates in new england at end of august. does anyone have any idea whether 8/31 will be last date for a while? they seemed to do well at ridgefield playhouse, daryls house etc last year. was wondering if those or something similar may appear after 8/31. any info would be appreciated.

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    So what are Fixxtures hearing and seeing from this summer's concerts? Any new songs? How about an oldie not played in a while? Any news about a new album release? Photos?

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    I caught them at The Roxy on Tuesday, and I have to say it was the absolute best show I've ever seen them give! I don't know what happened, but everything came together, and it was magical! Adam was hitting HARD, Jamie was in a higher zone, and Cy was completely connected and sounding better than ever!

    I got to chat with some of the band after, which was very nice, and they said a new album is done and ready to come out.
    I wish I'd asked if it was going to have another George Underwood painting on the cover, and I wish I'd asked about working with Rupert Hine again, too, but I guess I just wasn't thinking.
    Ah, well--next time!

    ---------------SPOILER AHEAD-----------------------------

    We got what I thought was a bit of a deep track in the track chase the fire, which was very cool to hear.

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