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Thread: "1011" owners don't need "Extended Versions"

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    Unhappy "1011" owners don't need "Extended Versions"

    I was hoping that the new "Extended Versions" CD by The Fixx (released via BMG Special Products) was going to be newly recorded live material. However, it's just 10 songs from the "1011 Woodland" album released last year. Therefore, if you already own "1011," then you don't need "Extended Versions" (unless you're a completist, like me!) Here's the track listing:
    1) Stand Or Fall
    2) Red Skies
    3) One Thing Leads To Another
    4) Saved By Zero
    5) Secret Separation
    6) Lost Planes
    7) Precious Stone
    8) Deeper And Deeper
    9) Two Different Views
    10) Driven Out

    The packaging is nothing special, as it's only a budget-priced release. It says "recorded live" in real small print on the back of the disc, but only a few tracks are actually "live" in front of an audience.

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    What a bunch of corporate losers. 1011 is the album to have. I hate when record companies constantly release "best of" recordings of bands. BOC has about 10 albums like that on the market now. The Fixx are catching up to them. 1011 is an exception of course, because the songs were competely redone. These rehashed best of albums should have a couple of unreleased cuts or something new.

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    Screw that...I was hoping it would be a release that contained extended versions of original songs...not acoustic and live versions. It would have been cool if it was a disc containing mixes as well. Like 'saved by zero' the alpha mix...oh well, looks i won't be getting this one.

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    Yeah bummer.... I wish it was something with all those 12" versions that were released in the 80's. less cities, i will, future, zero, separation, 1thing 8min version,time in aglass, did I MISS ANY???

    PLUS maybe some rare bsides or surprises.
    * I'll still take the 8 min 1thing 80's version over those 4 new techno rep acid house ditties anyday!
    SEE YA ON 'DA ISLAND.... hope it's not sinking......

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    Grrr... pretty lame. BMG keeps sinking lower and lower in my eyes. I wonder what the boys will think...

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