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Thread: Crucified RCA Demo from 1990

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    Crucified RCA Demo from 1990

    Hey strangers, just wanted to share this rare, early demo of "Crucified" from when the band was still recording on RCA, prior to a label shake-up that would lead them to releasing Ink on Impact/MCA in 1991. I bought this tape on eBay last week, and about half of the songs have either different mixes, different vocals, clean guitar instead of overdriven guitar, different drum tracks and drum mixes, etc.

    The demos overall are more synth-heavy, Rupert really shines on a lot of these songs. "Shut It Out" sounds more like it belongs on Calm Animals (the drum mix is heavier). The YouTube clip has a pic of the tape with the original track listing. Notice the inclusion of All About You (quite possibly their best outtake), and missing songs that they had probably yet to record - "How Much Is Enough", "Falling In Love", and "One Jungle".

    The quality of the tape is actually very good, I just need a better deck to rip all of songs. This version of Crucified sounds more like '80s Fixx, and more like the band's production, then some producer's work. I personally like it better than teh Ink version. The band should revisit this version and think about road testing it. I think the fans would really like it.

    Anyway, here is the demo of Crucified. More to come from this tape! Enjoy.


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    Great find, and - glad you exposed this rarity for us.

    I like the way this version of "Crucified" steps off at the beginning, a better initial progression than the final version on Ink. The closing of the song has more of that typical Fixx chorus/blended vocals mix also, as the song ends and fades.

    If record companies only knew that there are thousands of us that would pay $10+ for such recordings on quality digital format...(How Much is Enough? - !!)
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