Long time since I posted here, and here is what prompted me -- for the first time, I have bought and listened to the entire album from the band Naked Eyes, titled "Burning Bridges." Absolutely a must buy if you're a fan of The Fixx. So many related sounds, but especially - the "atmospherics" are great, much like Rupert sets up with keyboards. There's a couple throw-away songs, but most of the album was a great throwback to the 1980s, and for about 45 minutes I felt like a teenager again (well, almost...).

Get the newer version of the album that includes bonus songs and Extended Versions.

Trivia - apparently, Madonna was hanging out and/or dating one of the band members at the time they recorded this album, and she has a small speaking part in one of the extra songs.

My favorite? The lead-off song "Voices In My Head" was my favorite of all - played that song 3 times after I had listened to the entire album. Oh that reminds me - listen to this the first time with your best headphones, as that is the best way to pick up all the crazy keyboarding that bounces around Left/Right.