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Thread: Naked Eyes - Burning Bridges

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    Naked Eyes - Burning Bridges

    Long time since I posted here, and here is what prompted me -- for the first time, I have bought and listened to the entire album from the band Naked Eyes, titled "Burning Bridges." Absolutely a must buy if you're a fan of The Fixx. So many related sounds, but especially - the "atmospherics" are great, much like Rupert sets up with keyboards. There's a couple throw-away songs, but most of the album was a great throwback to the 1980s, and for about 45 minutes I felt like a teenager again (well, almost...).

    Get the newer version of the album that includes bonus songs and Extended Versions.

    Trivia - apparently, Madonna was hanging out and/or dating one of the band members at the time they recorded this album, and she has a small speaking part in one of the extra songs.

    My favorite? The lead-off song "Voices In My Head" was my favorite of all - played that song 3 times after I had listened to the entire album. Oh that reminds me - listen to this the first time with your best headphones, as that is the best way to pick up all the crazy keyboarding that bounces around Left/Right.

    I've been lurking...

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    I absolutely concur, it's an excellent album. Naked Eyes were a superior synth-pop duo; they should have been as big as the Pet Shop Boys! I came across their forgotten 2nd album as a $1 used cassette & was very impressed. They had so many potential hit singles across both albums, it's hard to believe they didn't get much bigger. Like a lot of other underrated '80s bands, they offer so much more than the two songs they've become known for. Excellent tunes, inventive synth work, great voice, tons of melodic hooks, Naked Eyes were a quality pop act. My faves would be "When The Lights Go Out" & "Low Life." The standouts on the 2nd album are "No Flowers Please" & "Eyes of a Child."

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