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Thread: "X Fest '98" CD with rare live Fixx tracks

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    Cool "X Fest '98" CD with rare live Fixx tracks

    Here's something I should have posted a long time ago: the last time I saw The Fixx was 9/13/98 at XFest in Dayton, OH. The Fixx closed the show and were absolutely amazing. (I was in the backstage area representing other bands, and I saw the Fixx boys walking around, but I didn't want to bother them, as I have met them before. Rupert took a nice nap on his keyboard case while other bands were on stage!) Anyway, back to the point of this post: a CD was made available of the concert, and it includes 3 live tracks by The Fixx! "Two Different Views," "One Thing Leads To Another" and "Red Skies." Completists should try to hunt this one down, although I expect quantities to be limited. The radio station that made it available was WXEG in Dayton. (Website on the back of the CD lists it as You may also want to try some stores in the Dayton area - I found it at a record store called Dingleberry's. Other bands on the disc include K's Choice, Better Than Ezra, Everything, The Urge, Agents Of Good Roots, Reel Big Fish (they were good), and Candlebox (yuck!) Just FYI...

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    Thanks Surly! I'll try to get this added to the discography... nice find!

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