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Thread: Happy Landings and Lost Tracks

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    I just bought this CD and have fell in love with the song Freeman. My question is?? Has The Fixx ever played this song live on any of the recent tours. It hard for me to tell when this song was actually written, but the cover says these tracks were from 1996 sessions. Any feedback???

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    96 is accurate for recording of the song. It was played live during the 1997 tour prior to the Elemental release. The Fixx stopped playing Freeman live at shows shortly before Elemental was released.

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    Yep, Freeman rules. However, it's not the best song from that era that seems to be "missing"--that'd be "Lighthouse."
    Mike "Sunburn" Byrne

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    I've heard Freeman live - Twice!

    I saw the Fixx play in the Quest Club in Minneapolis in 1996 (on my birthday, July 22!). But most recently, I heard them in St. Paul at Brewbakers in October of 2000 (my band at the time - Global Theatre got to open for them that night) and they played it Freeman that night! It was a killer show - and Freeman is a great tune. Since then, my band Global Theatre has reincarnated to become Thinmen. We just release our "rendition" of Stand Or Fall. Check it out and let me know what you think!

    Peace to you!
    Will Jacobsen

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