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Thread: New Fixx Live on Stage Photographs

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    Exclamation New Fixx Live on Stage Photographs

    Hello All-

    I notice there really have not been too many actual photos of the Fixx around here lately, so I'll take matters into my own hands!

    I snapped a roll of pics on July 20th, 2002, at Harbor Park in Racine, Wisconsin. For a festival, it was a late show, beginning after 10 p.m. A pesky light rain began as the band took stage. This cleared out the casual listener and left only we hardcore fans!

    I first saw the Fixx in 1983 at "Grad Night" in Six Flags Great America theme park in Gurnee, Illinois. They blew me away and I've been a fan ever since...

    Head over to this website for the photos:

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    Nice shots! Thanks for posting the link. Jamie looks killer in that checkered shirt. And Gary, Wow, nice threads.

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    Thanks so much for sharing. Your digital camera takes good pictures. I don't think Jamie knew Cy's arms were coming around from behind. He looked pretty surprised when he suddenly saw them in front of his face.

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    Great Photos! Thanks for sharing them with us...Great to see JWO back in the leather pants once again and Gary sure looks dressed to impress! There must be some real hotties up there in Wisconsin! LOL

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    Thank you for sharing! Those were nice photos!! They were all looking good as usual! Too bad my stage pix do not turn out that good. The ones at the beginning of the show are always good but throughout the night they become more of a blur! Hhhhmmmmm I wonder why??? LOL! Maybe the liquor has something to do w/it? Nah!!!


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    New pics

    Excellent, thanks for putting these pics up, can't wait until October in MO, somehow be worth the 20 hr, train and plane journey.
    Stuart at the Welsh Connection

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