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Thread: Long Awaited MP3s

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    Sep 2001
    I downloaded quicktime version 6 and the sound works!

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    Jun 2001
    Seabrook, NH
    Love the video and the clips!!
    Can't wait to hear the full length versions.
    Great job!!
    Been a Fixxture for a long time.

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    Sep 2000

    Thumbs down new album

    Sorry to be a party pooper guys, but the video and clips didn't impress me too much. Hopefully the full length of the album will be better. By the way, when is the release date? I know it's in November sometime.

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    These clips have been here forever! Originally put up by Jeff last year.
    How did you all miss it? It's right on the front page!
    And the release date is September 23.
    23 - 09 - 03
    Hello, is this thing on???

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    Um, I don't think anyone missed it. This thread has been up almost a year now, and no one has posted to it since last October.

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    it's just like buying milk
    always check the date.

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    Even though it's been up forever, I still can't get it to bloody work! I got quick 6 and everything. . . and it normally works- I downloaded "opinions" with it, so I know I don't need to upgrade it. What's the dilly, yo?
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    Cant seem to d/l

    I'd sure like to give these tunes a listen & see some vid, but the links won't work. Is it just me or is there a prob?

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    Don't know why this is the only site that I have tried to view a video and can't. Is it in some wierd file format.

    Some have said they downloaded it. Do they mean download or view? If you are actually downloading how do you do?

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    I had tah use the QuickTime pro. that was sug. and linked to by the site for inst .

    Just saw the How Much Is Enough Vid on the NET though ! yah yah yah How SSSSssssssWeeeeeeeeeT it is ! Can't get enough !
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    I called Times 0ut !

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