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Thread: The Fixx in Holland

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    The Fixx in Holland

    Is there anyone who can tell me if the Fixx has ever bin touring in Holland and if they have plans to give a concert in Holland ?
    I also read abote a cd of a live concert is it availeble in holland and can someone tell me about it,s quality? thank,s Niels

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    Live CD

    Welcome to the board, CD you're asking about is available on Amazon, see below, it's a rehash of the King Biscuit Flower Hour CD, quality is amazing, a classic show.
    Stuart at the Welsh Connection

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    Live CD

    Sorry Niels, just checked that link out and its no longer a cvalid URL, just go to and it's available there.
    Stuart at the Welsh Connection

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    Welcome to the messageboard Niels!

    In 1983 it was the Fixx' 1st tour in Holland (Paard, Arena, Melkweg). Opening act was the Dutch newwave band Carlene. More related info @ my website: (demo/mp3 button)

    If memory serves, the next Fixx tour in Holland was 1986 (correct me if I'm wrong).

    It's been far too long since the Fixx was touring in our country...



    ... (Paard, Arena, Melkweg) should be (Paard, Arena, Paradiso)
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