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Thread: Closed poll : Favorite Fixx studio album

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    Closed poll : Favorite Fixx studio album

    I have to react on the closed poll : Favorite Fixx studio album
    A few days ago I bought my 4th Fixx album, after Reach the Beach
    Shuttered Room and Walkabout i,m verry happy "I FOUND YOU "
    c.d INK.
    Maybe music is a matter of taste,but I don't agree with the 0%
    for this album.
    Alright; track 4/5and8 might be no highlights of the album but
    for me the rest are realy Fixx diamonds {specialy Shut it out}

    I challenge you all to listen to Ink again and maybe some of you
    will reconsider the 0% in the poll { pity it's closed}
    Have fun with listen to it again and again and again.

    Niels Amsterdam

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    about I N K >>>

    If i remember right, INK was a big disappointment to them because of the real "controlled" atmosphere it took while recording it- they were "instructed" to make this song, make that song sound like such and such... and they kinda were less than motivated about the over production and felt they lost "touch" with their own songs! Hence the abbreviation...Ink /INC (incorporated!)

    I like most of the stuff on there, even if it is alll glammed up, just wish they played more things from it- even if they went back and did new renditions/arrangemetns of those songs (like woodlands!)

    For being considered a flop, Most bands "successful" albums dont hold a candle to the Fixx's "less than memorable" stuff!

    WTLife coming when??????


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    For the record a few months ago I took part in a Fixx favorite studio cd poll and voted Ink my favorite Fixx cd.

    Quality is quality it don't matter how controlled it was. It was an awesome Cd. I told the guys from Fixx that back when they were touring for this cd.

    I am disappointed when I see the Fixx in concert since the Ink Tour and the only song they play off this cd in concert is Shut it Out - in my opinion the worst song on the cd. I also see this song is the only one of Ink on a recent compilation. It's a real shame.

    Don't know if you know this......probably not. But the forum for the Band Saga's website has a trend on there about the cd. I believe the website is

    Maybe the hardcores Fixx guys including the band themselves don't like that cd but there are a lot of people out there that do.

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    Shut It Out

    The band has played "Shut It Out" live for many years. It must be a favorite of theirs as it always seems to be in the live set list.

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