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Thread: Fixx Music Video Award

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    Fixx Music Video Award

    The new Fixx music video by Lee Chambers for the song ‘Touch’ just won the music video category of the inaugural DV Awards, a national competition designed to celebrate the emerging realm of digital video.

    The DV Awards celebrate outstanding creative and technical achievements in the world of digital video production. The video was shot in DVCAM format on a Sony PD100 and on 8mm film while on tour with the band at numerous concerts throughout California and Nevada in 2002. The song ‘Touch’ comes from the new studio album ‘Want That Life’ due for release in 2003.

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    Great News!

    Now, thats a great way to start out the new year! That is fabulous news!

    Thr RTB reissue and now this! Keep the good news coming!

    Please continue to keep us informed, as we are all (im)patiently waiting for any news including concert and release dates!

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    Congratulations Lee! Im not surprised at all, I thought you did an excellent job with the "Touch" video! way to go!!
    In germany some people say it's like medicine. It's good against heartattack. If it is a lie - who cares?

    -- Heimo on red wine

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    I really enjoyed the video. The question I have, is will anyone but us fixxtures ever see this video? It would be great to get some rotation on VH1 and MTV2 at the time of the new album release.


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    Congrats Lee. Rupert sent me a copy of the video and I just love watching it. Not to mention, I remember the times in Chicago that we had. Lots of fun.

    -Chicago girl

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